Hi, I'm David.

Danish designer who loves technology and human behaviour. Studying at Hyper Island in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Let's talk about me.

I am a digital designer

I make digital products and sites that not only look good, but are easy and delightful to use. I have designed for screens the last 5 years, and I feel at home when sitting in front of my computer with Photoshop or Sketch open. I am used to working closely with developers, and know a good amount of html, css and javascript myself.

What I do

I am studying at Hyper Island in Stockholm, a school that has been called the Digital Harvard. My major is called Digital Data Strategist and I choose this to build on top of my design skills. I not only want things to work and look great – I want to be able to back up and test my designs with real data supporting or disproving my hypothesis. To me great design comes through multiple iterations, that you keep improving.

I have worked on a lot of different projects throughout the last 5 years. At Plant, a digital agency in Copenhagen, I designed marketing pages for Microsoft, a Danish platform similar to Netflix and a custom interactive video player for the biggest TV channel in Denmark.
At Conferize, a startup focused on making hosting events better, I designed a comprehensive style guide to make sure the visual language of the app was consistent. I also designed and prototyped web designs.
In my own company Bograd Design, which I have had since I was 16, I’ve been helping over 100 clients with everything from designing e-commerce sites to app concepts and even online banners, that has been shown to millions of people.

Things I love

I have a deep interest in design and technology. This led me to playing around with Photoshop at the age of 13 and I have been doing it ever since. As I’ve learned more about design, I’ve grown interested in human behavior and what drives the choices we make every day. I want to understand how design affects decisions.

A lot of my interests are focused around moving my body, getting new experience and pushing myself. This can be seen in my love of going to the gym where my current goal is to hit 100 kg/225 lbs bodyweight (I’m at 95 kg/210 lbs now, so I am getting close!). I am currently saving for my next big adventure: Going to the Antarctic. It’s gonna be a crazy trip with lots of extreme nature and wildlife. Furthermore, nothing beats a day craving down snowy mountains on my snowboard.

Let's talk about you.

You are Nike

You are Nike, an industry leader known for pushing the boundaries and always striving for more. You are all about getting shit done and working hard to create the best possible outcome. Being the best version of yourself.

You need an open and curious mind

When hiring interns, you are getting new ideas from people who are new to the environment at Nike. They have crazy ideas and are not afraid to speak their mind. They are pushing Nike out of their comfort zone to keep improving.

Your mentality about always doing your best makes me say “right on”. Working for Nike sounds like a great opportunity.
This is a high-profile internship at a company that is on top of their game. Who wouldn’t want such an amazing opportunity? I certainly do, but I know it’s not only fun and games – it’s a tough challenge. This position requires being able to handle tight deadlines, great teamwork and of course sharp design skills.

I am that guy

I know this internship is hard to land, but I like a challenge! I love the idea of working with some of the best people in the industry in a company I care about. So I am going for it. I’m looking forward to learning more, expanding my horizon and producing value for Nike with you.

Selected Work.

Make You Business play

A campaign site for Microsoft, who wanted to run a campaign to get more entrepreneurs, startups and smaller companies to use their Office 365 product.

My responsibilities: Design, UX

AdWords by Algorithm

A site for a company that has sprung out of Ivækst,  a growth portal for small and medium sized companies in Denmark. The product use an algorithm to buy AdWords. It lower the cost and time needed to maintain.

My responsibilities: Visual design, identity

Easy Practice

Easy Practice is the go-to platform for therapists and clinicians. It already has over 6.000 therapists using the platform in over 10 different countries and is growing on a daily. I designed the website – one of the corner stones of the business.

My responsibilities: Design, UX

What people say about me.

Some nice words from the different people I’ve worked with over the years.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with David as he worked at Conferize. His daily tasks in the design department was very various and covered multiple facets of interactive design. David helped out with all from small banner designs to maintaining a design styleguide and prototyping.

David was very self driven from day one and was quick to learn and adapt to the sometimes chaotic design workflow in an early startup. Besides his fun and pleasant personality, he also shows an mature side and a strong analytic skill set rarely seen at such an young age.”

Martin Nicolai Sandholt
Design Lead at Conferize

“David has a natural eye for design. He is open to input but also willing to challenge people (both teammates and clients) on their thinking in a way that is constructive and positive. He is a great asset to any team and I am happy to recommend him. ”

Marianne Jensen
Senior User Experience Designer at Plant

“David is very good at creating design which converts traffic into money. I am very happy about working with him, and use him for almost all my projects. ”

Halfdan Timm
Head of SEO & Social at Obsidian Digital

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